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3.02 Die Welt im Wandel Serie: Downton Abbey

Schwarzwasser Blackwater - Game of Thrones

Schwarzwasser     Blackwater

- Game of Thrones
Baratheon's fleet assaults King's Landing. Leading the defense, Tyrion destroys many of the attacking ships with an exploding ship full of wildfire, forcing the former to attack on land. Sandor leads the defense outside the gate, but is defeated and returns inside, denouncing Joffrey and leaving. Joffrey also escapes. Tyrion convinces the Gold Cloaks to fight with him. Baratheon's forces make it inside the castle, but Tyrion leads his men behind the Baratheon forces via underground tunnels and attacks. Cersei goes to the throne room with Tommen, intending to kill him. Shae convinces Sansa to go to her chamber, where Sandor offers to take her back to Winterfell; but she decides to stay. As Tyrion is wounded and Cersei is about to poison Tommen, Tywin's forces, joined by Loras, arrive and defeat Baratheon's forces, with the latter forced to retreat.
Die gesamte Episode spielt in Königsmund, kurz vor, während und kurz nach…

Das Attentat – Teil 2 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Part II) * The West Wing – Im Zentrum der Macht

Das Attentat – Teil 2     In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Part II)

* The West Wing
– Im Zentrum der Macht

The West Wing zeigt den Alltag eines fiktiven US-Präsidenten und seines Beraterstabs. During the aftermath of the shooting in Rosslyn (in Arlington), it becomes obvious that President Bartlet was shot in the back, Josh was shot in the stomach, Charlie (the apparent target of the racist shooters, which a conspirator later confirms when he's arrested) remained unharmed, and the two shooters died at the scene. Gina reports an accomplice and a signal to the shooters from the ground. The motorcade heads first toward the White House and then to the George Washington University Hospital; Zoey, Leo, and Abbey join the President at the hospital. Josh, in critical condition, arrives in an ambulance, and Sam and Toby join the crowd. As Josh goes under general anesthesia, he starts to experience a series of flashbacks, first to the time when he ran the campaign for the nomination of Sen. Hoy…

Spitzel aus den eigenen Reihen The Enemy Within Serie: MacGyver (1985 bis 1992)

Spitzel aus den eigenen Reihen     The Enemy WithinSerie: MacGyver (1985 bis 1992)
Regie: Cliff Bole Drehbuch: David Abramowitz
MacGyver  ist eine von 1985 bis 1992 produzierte US-Fernsehserie, die erstmals 1987 im deutschsprachigen Raum ausgestrahlt wurde. Sie besteht aus sieben Staffeln mit 139 Episoden, 1994 folgten zwei Fernsehfilme. Schöpfer der Serie, die hauptsächlich zu den Genres Action, Krimi und Abenteuer gehört, ist Lee David Zlotoff.MacGyver must discover the identity of a mole within the agency who is responsible for the deaths of four top agents.Vier Agenten der Organisation, dessen Leiter Pete gerade geworden ist, sind ermordet worden. MacGyver hilft in Zusammenarbeit mit der Überläuferin Viktoria Tomanova dabei, den als Verursacher dafür vermuteten Maulwurf in der Organisation zu enttarnen. Bei einem Symposion nutzt der russische Agent Lem insgeheim einen Pfarrer dazu aus, Tomanova zu ermorden. MacGyver vereitelt Tomanovas Ermordung, woraufhin Lem den Pfarrer ermord…

Der Prinz von Winterfell The Prince of Winterfell - Game of Thrones

Der Prinz von Winterfell     The Prince of Winterfell

- Game of Thrones
Robb learns that Catelyn has secretly freed Jaime, now escorted by Brienne, in order to ransom Sansa and Arya; he locks her in her tent and sends men to find them, also entering into a romantic relationship with Talisa. Yara arrives at Winterfell to bring Theon back to Pyke, blaming him for his actions. Tywin leaves Harrenhal to attack Robb, which leads Arya, Gendry and their friend Hot Pie to attempt an escape with the help of H'ghar, who agrees in order for Arya to refrain from naming H'ghar himself as the third man to kill. In King's Landing, Cersei attempts to blackmail Tyrion by abducting the prostitute, Ros, whom the former believes to be his secret lover. On the way to King's Landing, Stannis promises Seaworth to make him his Hand of the King. Beyond the Wall, the Wildling leader "Rattleshirt" leads the captured Snow and Halfhand to his king, Rayder. At the First of the First Men, th…

Ein Mann ohne Ehre A Man Without Honor - Game of Thrones

Ein Mann ohne Ehre     A Man Without Honor

- Game of Thrones
Theon begins tracking Brandon and Rickon. Tywin begins searching Harrenhal for the murderer. Ygritte continues her attempts to seduce Snow and, after a momentary lapse in Jon's concentration, she escapes and leads him into a trap. Still shaken from the riot, Sansa is horrified when she awakens to find that she has had her first menstruation and can thus bear Joffrey's children. Cersei warns her to love no one but her children, not even Joffrey. In Robb's camp, a failed escape attempt by Jaime leaves a guard dead, with some soldiers seeking retribution. In Qarth, the warlock Pree reveals to Daenerys that he stole her dragons, but gives her the opportunity to reunite with them before slaughtering the Council of Thirteen and establishing Daxos as the king. Theon presents to Luwin and his subjects the charred corpses of two boys, claiming that he has tracked down and killed Brandon and Rickon.
In Königsmund ist Sansa S…